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Dr. Pallavi Residence

Project Category - Architectural, Residencial

Plot Area -   Sqft

Client - Dr. Pallavi Singh

Plot Location - A.D.A. Colony - Naini, Prayagraj, India.

Project Status - Ongoing

Design Team - AAA Design Studio


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Client Brief:

The client approached us to develop an extension of the remaining area of the site. The brief also included an exercise to develop Elevation of the house.

Our Approach:

Our approach was to answer the site condition and site restriction with minimal or no damage to the existing structure.

The existing residence had all the services and amenities like a living area, kitchen, washroom and two bathrooms. The EXTENSION proposal was to integrate the existing house with the extended house. To their brief and to the requirement of the site we quickly integrated a large drawing room that overlooks into the garden while a cosy guest room was also placed at the front.

In order to connect floors, we proposed to re-do the staircase of the house. Keeping in mind the massing the staircase was placed such that it becomes a volume from the front and thus enhances the elevation as a whole.


About The Project:

The house consists of three floors viz: Ground, First and Second Floor. The house has to serve two purposes, One has to be used by the client and the other is to serve the tenants on the added floors. Keeping in mind the dual nature of the house we decided to have an inward-external staircase which will help in serving both the occupants without disturbing one another.

The context of the site leads us to design the facade/elevation such that it stands out tall with simplicity and with minimal details. A pattern of shift set back was adapted with a large terrace on the First Floor accompanied by small balconies on other floors. The massing helped us to achieve a staggering volume with a gradient of hierarchy which offers a view to the adjoining central park. The large opening thus created were facing the park which allowed maximum visual connection to the green outdoors and also allowed the air to flow in to maintain natural cooling/ventilation.

"Make it simple, but significant."

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