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Bishop George School.jpg

Bishop George School

Project Category - Architecture, School

Project Client -  Bishop George

Plot Area -  Sqft

Plot Location - Prayagraj, India.

Project Status - Ongoing

Design Team - AAA Design Studio

Client Brief :

Bishop George School reached us to design the school field in such a manner so as to give maximum play area to the students of all ages and classes.


About the project:

The site was irregular with a narrow play area opening into spacious play areas which also served as the spill-out area for junior and senior wings.

The site lacked any provision for rainwater or stormwater drainage hence the entire site remained flooded during the monsoon season. The site is surrounded by a large occupied building with a larger terrace which has a huge surface area to accumulate rainwater. 


The entire concept and design were evolved around harvesting the rainwater and taking the opportunity to recharge the aquifers.

Our approach:

The rainwater reaches the recharge pit after going through several catch basins and a cleaning chamber. Wastewater management was adapted and an underground tank was proposed under the water dispensing area. The wastewater thus gets collected and can be used for watering the plants and cleaning the field. 

The materials were recycled and reused within the site. The sustainable building materials were used for the landscape project. Fly ash bricks were readily used in any form of new construction from landscape steps to the water dispensing area. Similarly, Mild Steel was opted for building the encasing of the water dispensing area.

The entire design was done by AAA Design Studio, one of the best Architects in Allahabad. 


" Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future "

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