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Project Category - Architectural, Commercial

Plot Area -   10.000Sqft

Plot Location - Civil Lines, Prayagraj, India.

Project Status - Ongoing

Design Team - AAA Design Studio

About the site :

Design Process

Exploded View

Form Evolution

Floor Plan :

Our Approach:

The thought process was initiated with the study of the site and its context. The total measured plot area was 950 SQFT. The site was irregular in shape facing towards south, while three of its sides were surrounded by residences. Hence, there was only one side that promoted the admission of natural light and air. Thus from the early stage of design, an inception of fairly largely fenestrations were made on this face of the building which is also the only and prominent fascia or elevation of the residence.

The brief and requirements of the client were brought together with thorough study of site. A set of layouts and forms were generated to integrate the requirement with the essentials of living.

A spatial arrangement of different components were arranged in a manner which takes in consideration of security with privacy and enhances the experiences of dwelling with overlooking spaces and internal court.

" happy client is not a myth "

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