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Railtech Infraventure Pvt_edited.jpg


Project Category - Interior, Office

Project Client -  Railtech Infraventure Pvt. Ltd

Area -   680 Sqft

Plot Location - Prayagraj, India.

Project Status - Completed

Design Team - AAA Design Studio


About the project:

An introduction of office and nature of work - Railtech Infraventure works for the Indian Railways. The office carries out the task of laying down the railway tracks. The work comprises of on-site and off-site work, the daily records and progress are maintained and hence the office demands a huge space for storages.

Client Brief :

As client started narrating his requirements, he emphasized on private working spaces with no distractions.

He also wanted to have private cubicles for the senior officials to monitor and guide the junior staffs.


The space should reflect its identity or the nature of work carried out on the premises.

A co-working space where personal and common spaces meet.

Our approach:

The first and initial thought which came to our mind was to reinterpret or manifest the railway tracks. We somehow started working around it and keeping in mind the overall presentation of the office we wanted a subtle yet impactful introduction of symbols. The whole layout was generated around the lines of the railway track - the idea of parallel projection.

Since the office has to have a lot of storage spaces for storing records of different projects,it also urges the demand for private spaces, where individuals can carry out his/her work without disturbing another colleague. This functional requirement resulted in the idea of creating personal pod spaces. The pods were made in a standard module with enough storage spaces offering them to store or archive the documents.

To enhance the space the pods were aligned in a form of a railway track along the wall, parallel to each other. This gave us an opportunity of creating an open and close office environment.

The long low - height storage was introduced in the middle of space which gave them a platform to interact, discuss or store files in a more fashionable way. The closed working environment is responded to by the low-height long storage cabinets. Every piece of furniture was designed in a module that helps in fast production off-site and a quick installation on-site.

The semi-transparent cubicles are also designed on the same line of concept. The language in which it was built has a relation to the overall design theme. The wooden partition is combined with glasses which offers a clear view of the entire office yet represent the idea of parallel lines.

" Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future "

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