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Project Category - Architectural, School

Plot Area - 5500 Sqft

Client - Divine Heart School

Plot Location -Ashok Nagar, Prayagraj, India.

Project Status - Ongoing

Design Team - AAA Design Studio

About the project :

Divine Heart School located on the soft soil of Ashok Nagar, Allahabad covers a ground area of 5500 Sqft. The site consists of a functioning school at the ground floor level.


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Client brief:


The client approached us for the extension of the school and to add two more floors without disturbing the existing school functioning on the ground floor. The existing school building is a load-bearing old structure made during the early 1990s.

Our Approach: 


We have generated our concept to introduce the RCC structure around the building without disturbing the existing walls. A portal frame structure was introduced in order to give a clear span of 55feet. 

The front elevation which is facing towards South - West (low sun) was introduced with a second skin to cut down the temperature and to add a dynamic facade. Exposed brickwork was revived and a jaali made out of the bricks reflects the iconic school buildings of Allahabad. The facade and the materiality reflect the culture and English influence on Allahabad which is prominently visible in Mayo Hall, SHIATS and St Joseph's School. 

The project is designed by AAA Design Studio

Form Evolution

SketchUp animation here

"Make it simple, but significant."

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